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6/23/03: It is taking longer to fix than originally anticipated. We apologize for the inconvenience!
Please be aware that you can still contact Technical Support at any time if you are experiencing problems and require assistance.  


Great Planes would like to release bug-free products. However, any release of a complicated software product will inevitably contain a few bugs. We try to keep abreast of the problems you find, and fix them promptly. Moreover, we would like to hear your suggestions on new product features.

You can report a bug or request a feature using the form below. Because of time constraints, we may not be able to respond to each report/request. However, we do investigate every report/request, and encourage you to submit them. (If you require a response or quick resolution to your problem, contact us directly.)

Please understand that we cannot compensate you for your suggestions and Knife Edge and Hobbico, Inc. are free to use any suggestions in RealFlight, RealRace, R/C Pilot, or other products without restriction.

Please follow the instructions below, and thank you for helping to make our products the best R/C simulators out there!  


1. Use Form for Bugs or Feature Requests Only.
Use this form to report a genuine bug (defect in our software) that we can replicate. You can also use this form to request a new or improved feature in any of our products.

Please do not use this reporting tool to try to resolve problems with video/sound drivers, nonworking transmitter adapters, or other technical support problems. For this type of problem, please contact us directly.

2. Please, One Bug Only Per Report. 
If you have more than one unrelated problem/suggestion, please make a separate report for each one.

3. Please Fill Out Each Field Completely.

4. Please Describe Your Problem as Specifically as You Can. 
Let us know exactly what happens when the problem occurs. In particular, if you see an error/crash dialog box, tell us what it said. Feel free to attach a screen shot, or plane/car etc. file, if this will help illustrate your problem.

5. Describe How to Reproduce Your Problem.
If possible, please provide a specific sequence of steps needed to recreate your problem. Enter this information under "How to Reproduce."  Let us know which planes, cars, flying fields or racecourses you were using, any special settings/options you were using, etc., when the problem occurred.  

6. Enter the bug

Please note: Required Fields are marked with (*).

Contact Information
First Name*:
Last Name*:
Email Address*:
Phone Number:

Product Information
Version*: (How do I find this?)  Make sure that you can replicate this bug with the latest version of the product.  The bug might already be fixed!  If you are using RealFlight G2, use the Help Menu and go to Online Updates.  
Serial #* (It also helps us immensely if you register the software with the online update and include your system information.  If your system information has changed since you registered it, you can re-register the software so we can get an accurate description of your computer and driver versions.)

Computer Information
Computer Model:
Operating System:

Problem Description
Type of Problem*:If you are getting a replicatible crash, lockup or reboot, please attach a LOG file.
Short Summary*


How to Reproduce:

File Attachment:

Thank You!!

Page last updated: October 08, 2015

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